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It's been over a week now since our launch. For months, we’ve worked on perfecting our first product, the Honey Love photo frame. It needed to be classic and straightforward, yet elegant and unique. We wanted to incorporate many elements in our product to bring you the highest value as we believe in the power of happiness as a result of a beautiful, healthy home. Home is not only a living space, but it is also our personal haven, a visual identity of ourselves, and a shelter to nourish our happiness. So, allow us to tell you more about It’s 21 grams, a brand established to bring you more happiness at home.
Our photo frame
We created the Honey Love photo frame because we believe a photo frame is an essential home accessory to make your house feel more like home. Whether you’re living in a student dorm with roommates or in a 12-bedroom mansion, every house needs some personal touches to make you feel more comfortable in your own living space. That is the exact purpose of our photo frame. It can hold your dearest memory, your favorite person or even just a motivational quote. Whatever it is, it is your daily reminder of what makes you happy on the inside and what makes you smile each day when looking at it.  
Onyx stone
The Honey Love photo frame is made of natural stone, called onyx. Even in the sourcing of the materials we use, we want to be thoughtful. That is why the onyx stone is chosen. The layers of onyx are formed by the earth. That is why every piece has its own unique coloring and structure. The stone is excavated, carved and processed in Turkey. We work closely with a family-owned workshop that has been around for years and gained many experiences throughout. The finishing of the photo frame is done in our own workshop in the Netherlands, Europe. 
Positive energy
Onyx has been known since early civilizations to radiate positive energy. It can provide you with support, strength, and perseverance. As a result, you will stay focused and on track. Onyx will also protect you from negativity directed towards you. This ability makes it a must-have in any home. After all, home is where you need to feel safe and secure, so it needs to be protected.
A beautiful gift
We are sure that everyone has had that moment where an occasion presents itself and you want to buy a gift for someone for a variety of reasons. However, you are not sure what to buy. You consult with others but are not completely satisfied with their suggestions. We sure can relate and have come up with the solution as well. Our Honey Love makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for aunt Susan, your friend that just got a promotion, a gift for Mother’s Day, or whatever the occasion. Remind the receiver of your favorite moment together or just frame a funny quote they can relate to. To make this even more special, we created a gift box to go with it.  
Last but not least, we want to tell you more about non-profit organization Charity:water. Weeks before launching, we asked our supporting followers to send us non-profit organizations they support. We received an overwhelming amount of suggestions, which made our job even harder than initially anticipated. The long list of non-profits had to be carefully researched and a selection needed to be made. As grateful as we are for the hard work non-profit organizations do every day, unfortunately, we cannot support them all (not yet, at least!). After many hours of research and tough decisions, we chose to support Charity:water. Charity:water is an amazing organization that uses 100% of the donation to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. If you wonder how they cover their operation costs, it is by private sponsors. So, when donating to Charity:water, you don’t have to be concerned if your money will be spent on the cause because it 100% will. At the It’s 21 grams HQ we are very proud to support the amazing work Charity:water does and we cannot wait to support them together with you.
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