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Honey Onyx

About Us

..Because every picture has a story to tell

It's 21 grams is launched in early 2019 in Europe. Our name is derived from a century old theory that 21 grams is the weight of the human soul. 

As we put our heart and soul in the making of our products and supporting non-profit organizations, the name couldn't be more fitting. 

We saw an opportunity to offer you a unique piece, which you make even more special by adding your own 21 grams to it. 

Our Mission

It's 21 grams is all about giving back. With our Honey Love photo frame, we want to be your daily reminder of the moments that give you joy. Not only are we determined to bring joy into your home, we want to contribute to global change as well by working with non-profit organizations.

With every purchased Honey Love frame we support Charity: Water. Charity: Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries, using 100% of the donations.

Wooden Gift Box

Choose to have your unique frame delivered to you or your loved ones in a wooden gift box.

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